September 03, 2014

The Orwell Method

George Orwell by Ralph Steadman, with full selection here
[UPDATE: Christopher Hitchens explains how Orwell was "arguing all of the time with his own prejudices and his own fears and his own bigotries and his own shortcomings."
UPDATE II: Also read my blog post from September 2013 on opposition as the ointment to groupthink.]
Paul Muldoon explained:
"Be deeply suspicious, first of all, of your own prejudices before you begin to approach the prejudices of others."
V.S. Pritchett echoed this:
"George Orwell... was more likely in politics to chasten his own side than the enemy."  
Christopher Hitchens too:
"The unpleasant facts that George Orwell chose to face were usually the ones that put his own position, or his own preference to the test."
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