November 28, 2013

When it's cool to be dumb, Ctd

The deputy Lord Mayor of Belfast, Christopher Stalford tweeted in response:

Ian Livingstone also shared on his blog his experience and perception of schooling in the context of growing up in a Belfast family:
"I daydreamed my way through school. I paid no attention to class-work and my truancy had now become very regular. In my family there were no expectations from education at all. My parents saw it in a sense, like a glorified baby-sitting service - somewhere I could go during daytime while they were at work. The previous hopes they had for me when I had gained entry into grammar school were by now gone after I had been expelled. I was destined to enter into an apprenticeship as an electrician, plumber or a welder in the Harland &Wolff shipyard, like the majority of males in my family. A good education didn’t really matter."
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