November 27, 2013

Can we replicate Silicion Valley in Northern Ireland?

The younger brother of YouTube founder Chad Hurley, Brent Hurley (@BrentHurley) recently attended Silicon Valley Comes to Oxford and also spoke on Radio 4 here. He was asked: "Can the entrepreneurial success of Silicon Valley be replicated here [in the UK?]" Brent responded here:
"For me Silicon Valley is more a state of mind. It's a mentality among entrepreneurs to look upon the world and see problems they want to change. If you see a pain point, then you try to develop a solution, a product to address that."
Listen to Chad Hurley on Radio 4 here. Sebastian Payne wrote in The Spectator here:
"Trying to clone Silicon Valley has been a cornerstone of this coalition’s business policy. Rohan Silva, until recently the PM’s policy guru, spent several years in government and opposition creating the ‘Silicon Roundabout’, an attempt to provide a new leg for the UK’s economy in East London. 
Depending on who you believe, the East London Tech City project has either been aroaring success or a waste of time. Despite all the encouragement from the government, the main challenge is recreating the enticement of Silicon Valley in Shoreditch — something that may be impossible."
I want to ask: Can we replicate the Silicon Valley state of mind and mentality in Northern Ireland?

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