November 03, 2013

Linda Irvine - Being a Protestant and being Irish

Linda Irvine explained to William Crawley on the BBC programme It's a Blas, which followed William's journey to learn Irish, how she viewed Irish identity and the language. She said:
"I feel I'm British, but I'm Irish. I feel that as Protestants from Northern Ireland we are the other Irish. We are the ignored, forgotten Irish that have been over looked. Because when people think of Irish identity they think of catholic, they think of nationalist and they think of republican. And that's not who I am. That's not my identity. So I think that is why people from my community have rejected that idea of an Irish identity and what goes along with that - Irish dancing, Irish language. So for them that is something that is alien to them. Yet for me I see actually now that that identity is mine as well."

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