May 16, 2013

What Governments Actually Matter to the White House? Under Bush it was Israel, Ireland and Saudi Arabia

At 9m30s into the video above Geoffrey Wheatcroft says something very interesting on US-UK relations - the so called special relationship. He said:
"When Sir Christoper Meyer was British ambassador in Washington he forbad any members of the embassy staff from using the expression, 'special relationship'. He also said something else. Based on his experiences of being British embassador in Washington he came to realise that the White House took seriously the views of the governments of exactly three countries: Israel, Ireland and Saudi Arabia."
Though it should be said that the above video pre-dates the formation of the coalition government in 2010. I would regard it that things will have changed under the Obama administration; however it does tell us something about the US-UK relationship and the pscyhe of American government more generally.

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