May 31, 2013

André Carrilho on The Challenge of Caricature

André Carrilho explains the monumental challenge that caricaturists have to confront every time they pick up a pencil. Here he is:
"Caricature is peculiar in a sense that it has to look like the person you are portraying, there’s no debating. Its’ a specific visual game, and everybody, and I mean everybody, has to get it. In other kinds of visual work one has some leverage, one can argue a specific point of view, a specific taste and aesthetic reasoning. In caricature, it’s not a matter of opinion or taste. A good caricature HAS to be recognizable, independently of the style of the artist."
Also, on the question of being shaped and influenced by other artists, Andre puts up and interesting stance:
"Someone has said that one should be influenced by all the art disciplines except your own. I agree."
Full interview here.

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