May 19, 2013

Shared Future Document is Play Acting for London and Obama

I don't mean to be an outright pessimist but the partially complete/hash job Shared Future Document released May 9 is nothing more than a move to garner more money off London and a gesture to show Obama, Merkel and other G8 leaders that stuff can be done in Northern Ireland.

Not that anything material actually got done. Still something to wave at them though.

Here's how I wanted to put it to Jeffrey Donaldson MP and Stephen Nolan on the Nolan Show of May 15:
So it was two points that I was trying to make.

One: that the Shared Future Document was an attempt to secure more money off Theresa Villiers (see her urgent call for movement on a shared future document here). Something I had directly alluded to in a recent essay for the Huffington Post which you can read here. See below where Brian Feeney in the Irish News says it as it is: that the Shared Future Document is just a glorified grant application.

Two: that the Shared Future Document would give reason to countenance any suggestion by Obama et al. that SF/DUP have been stonewalling. Which they have.

Like I can imagine it:
Obama: "Come on guys, what the hell is going on here. Fifteen years and nothing much has gone down. Come on, get your act togther."
Peter and Martin: Oh but Barack, look at this wonderful document with all these wonderful plans for peace and reconciliation.
Bollocks. It's all a sham. These guys are sectarians at the heart of a sectarian government. See article below from Patrick Murphy writing in the Irish News for more on the whole sectarianism thing of Northern Ireland.

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