May 22, 2014

Ian Knox - "Ride with the Giants" #HumeDunlop125

On Sunday May 18 cycle fans came to the Botanic Gardens in Belfast to see the 4 men and their Penny Farthings, Ian Knox, Pete, Sam & Dave (pictured below) to "Ride with the Giants" for the #humedunlop125 anniversary. The Irish News reported on May 3 2014:
"In south Belfast yesterday, Ian Knox unveiled an artwork he has designed, left, to mark 125 years since Irish cyclist Willie Hume won a race with the world's first pneumatic tyre. Scottish vet John Boyd Dunlop made the invention while living in Belfast in 1888 after a doctor had recommended cycling for his ill son. He wanted to find a way to minimise the jarring of the city's cobbled streets and so tacked linen to the wheels of a tri-cycle, which in turn held an inflated tube in place against the wheel. The artwork by Mr Knox, himself a keen cyclist and penny farthing enthusiast, hangs on the side of Hatfield House on the Ormeau Road, where the race passed on May 18 1889. Kieran Cassidy, owner of the bar, said:
"With this fantastic event coming here we wanted to remind people of Northern Ireland's contribution to cycling through a comic and fun piece of art. "We hope that the artwork will not only welcome cyclists but also remind... visitors to the city that the first pneumatic tyre was invented in Belfast."
See a full selection of photos from the Sunday cycle below.

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