January 16, 2014

Penn Jilette - The duty of fairness owed by those who cleave to a higher power

Penn Jilette said about the duty of fairness that believers should uphold here:
"The problem is, if you have a sense of fairness, simply by saying that you believe in a higher power because you believe in it, you've automatically given license to anyone else who wants to say that... I want to live in a world that has a marketplace of ideas. where everybody is busted on their bullshit all the time because I think that's the way we get to truth."
He continued on tolerance:
"What we call tolerance nowadays, maybe always—I'm always skeptical about the "nowadays" thing. I don't think things get that much different. What we call "tolerance" is often just condescending. It's often just saying, "Okay, you believe what you want to believe that's fine with me." I think true respect... it's one of the reasons I get along so much better with fundamentalist Christians than I do with liberal Christians because fundamentalist Christians I can look them in the eye and say, "You are wrong." They also know that I will always fight for their right to say that."
See full transcript here and here.

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