March 04, 2013

How Has the Economy Affected Community Relations in Northern Ireland?

This is the question I put to Duncan Morrow.

Duncan Morrow is the current Director of Community of Engagement at the University of Ulster. He was previously head of the Community Relations Council and so has a unique perspective into community relations and the problems that exist in the province.

I had the great opportunity to have a sit down with him and of course I brought my pen and paper. Check out the picture I produced of him below. I’m not going to lie: he was a absolute joy to draw. I just hope I didn’t go too far with his features and offend him!
Duncan Morrow - 7 August 2012
I also managed to put a question to him. I asked: how has the economic downturn and the lack of jobs affected community relations and sectarianism in Northern Ireland?
I got a fascinating response and you can listen to his answer in the clip below.

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