April 15, 2013

Speaking to Belfast Metropolitan College Students

On Monday 15th April I was invited to speak at Belfast’s new E3 College in the north of the capital city. Housed in a state of the art building the college teaches young people under a new philosophy: employer-led project learning.

A style of teaching which blends theoretical with on-the-job practical learning.

I spoke alongside the super succesful Belfast native, Aaron Taylor who clocks up 1000s of air miles every year and who can be found anywhere in the world from New York to New Delhi. His success has come from his gaming company Goprezzo, formerly known as Gogamingo.

You can read the latest news about Aaron, his company and his adventures here.

You can see a selection of photos from the speaking event below:

In this image I’m talking to the gaming students about working with Michael Deane and how I have publicised my work through social media.


Talking about getting job rejections and my rejection of the idea that I should be hostage to the whim and will of recruitment agencies or that I should be the prisoner of circumstances created by shambolic economic mismanagement:


Talking about drawing Eamonn Mallie and working with the well known Belfast journalist:


Aaron and I are taking questions and I’m explaining how and why I do political cartoons. I’m taking about one of my favourite politicians to draw: leader of the Alliance Party and Justice Minister, David Ford.


A shot of me sitting beside Aaron taking questions:


Photo of Aaron and I and a selection of students:


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