February 04, 2020

Young politicians in Sinn Fein no different from the past

Sinn Fein councillor Paddy Holohan said on the No Shame Podcast:
"It bugs me to death to understand that he leads this country and that he's so separated not even from society now but he's so separated from the history of this country. Leo Varadkar’s blood obviously runs to India so his great grandfather is not part of the history of this country ... Now Leo, obviously he’s an Irish citizen, but his passion doesn’t go back to the times when our passion goes back to. So we’re in a situation where we have a leader that’s not only separated from the history of the country but separated from the classes in the country now."
Dean Van Nguyen, an Irish-Vietnamese writer, responded:
"Putting value in antique blood links is a cornerstone of racism."

The young Sinn Fein councillor Patrice Hardy tweeted with indignation in response to the news that an Irishman was captaining the England cricket team to World Cup victory:

"What I still can’t get my head around is why an Irishman would ever want to captain an England team."
Eoin Morgan from Rush in Ireland has an English mother and has always had a British passport, and he told the Sunday Times in 2010: "From the age of 13, I wanted to play cricket for England. I’ve never felt any shame in saying this is what I wanted to do."

Martin Corry wrote a column in response to the wider furore:
"However, when Pundit Arena moved to congratulate the Dubliner on his success, to our surprise, some of the backlash we received regarding Morgan was quite frankly appalling. 
Through our social channels, Morgan was branded a snake and a traitor among various other obscenities not worth including in this column. All this abuse thrown at an athlete whose only crime was maximising his potential. 
For a country as inclusive as Ireland, that carries a world-renowned reputation for travel, immigration and integration, it’s worrisome to see such hatred thrown at someone born and bred in our capital city just because they chose to play for England. 
Because that’s the real issue here isn’t it? England! If he defected to France or Australia sure we’d probably embrace it, no?"
Another young Sinn Fein councillor from Mid Ulster Niamh Doris caused controversy when she tweeted"The term 'Northern Ireland' is like nails on a chalk board to me."

In response a Sinn Fein spokesman said: "No one should be surprised that we, as Irish republicans, want to see a new and united Ireland for all."

Another young Sinn Fein councillor Catherine Nelson tweeted:
"Brokenshire, Villiers, Bradley, Smith - all symbols of British occupation. None will ever serve the interests of the people of this island. Their focus is & will remain maintaining what little is left of their crumbling empire. Only way to send them home ➡️ #IrishUnity #Think32."
Niall O'Donnghaile tweeted in response to Ireland’s call said in 2015:
"I enjoy watching Ireland in rugby & appreciate moves to be embracing but that song doesn't embrace many of us, so is it therefore exclusive?"
He furthered commented:
"Giving a little by taking away I'm not sure is the right solution/approach."
He later tweeted in 2019:

"”Norn Iron” is always going 2 be an antithesis to those of us with an Irish identity; inherently how could it represent us?"

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