November 19, 2018

American independence was England's second civil war

Poor old England endeavoring to reclaim his wicked american children. And therefore is England maimed & forc'd to go with a staff
Christopher Hitchens wrote:
"I would like to claim the American Revolution as part of an English revolution all the same, it was basically a revolution of highly educated English people against a German monarchy and its German surrogate forces in America. The sad thing to me is that the German monarchy still remains in England."
The American War of Independence was a civil war between Anglicans and Presbyterians. Kevin Whelan wrote in his essay on the United Irishmen, ‘Three Revolutions and a Failure’:
"Presbyterians [in Ireland] were keenly aware of the great victory achieved by American dissenters in establishing the separation of church and state in the American institution. This was a tremendous victory for them over the Anglicans, and in one point of view, the American War of Independence can be viewed as a civil war between Anglicans and Presbyterians."
Jeremy Black said on Radio 4, ‘The Prime Ministers - William Pitt the Younger’:

"The American war of independence was not some distant war of choice this was a civil war in the empire. A war between cousins and brothers which had gone completely pear shaped, which had left the king threatening abdication, the political system in ruins and the country in an unprecedented debt."

Niall Ferguson wrote in the FT:
"I have written with irony about the way Americans misremember the second British civil war, which they prefer to call their war of independence."
Charles Cooke wrote:
"You have this revolution in America in which the British fight the British and then they codify classical liberal values into a Constitution and it’s great. That’s not how it goes down normally… Especially in the Middle East, what they want to replace their dictatorship with, if you look at the polling, is Sharia law."
Gabriella Swerling wrote:
"The Church of Scotland’s governing system is Presbyterian, whereas the Church of England is Anglican. Although unimaginable today, the rift between Anglicanism and Presbyterianism was once one of the most deadly in British history and fuelled civil war in the 1640s."

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