September 09, 2016

The Life of Brian John Spencer

Watch me painting here
Brian John Spencer is an Irish-British writer, artist and video-maker.


Brian writes about politics, history art and ideas.

Brian writes for a number of different platforms, including Ireland's leading political blog Slugger O'Toole, the website of veteran Irish journalist Eamonn Mallie, the Huffington Post, and also on Brian's personal blog.Through his writing Brian has also done work with radio and television and has given talks. Brian has also written a pamphlet of poems called, 'Ulster My Ulster'.

Through his writing Brian wants to record his thoughts in a way that can impact others and help towards the creation of the new, stable and stable Northern Ireland and Ireland.


Brian's art is wide an varied. It can be divided into four main categories.

Personal art - Drawing the people and events that are of public importance and those that interest Brian. This often includes political cartoons.

Commissions (caricature and portraiture) - Brian takes commissions from everyone from private individuals to corporations.

Event and performance art - Brian draws at events, from birthday parties to corporate conferences, to TED talks.

Street art - Brian does mural and window art for local businesses. Conscious of the tradition of street art in Northern Ireland, Brian is committed to making street art that is new and inclusive.


Using his iPhone 6, a tripod and a laptop Brian makes videos that tell the story of his life in Belfast and on the island of Ireland (see Brian's YouTube channel here). Brian hopes to tell the story of the other Northern Ireland, that ones that is positive, fresh and inspiring.

Watch a video I made, 'My Story!' which explains my writing, art and video-making.

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