April 09, 2014

Yelling Lundy! is the hallmark of authoritarianism

Lieutenant Colonel Robert Lundy, Governor of Londonderry during the Great Siege of 1688-89
The hallmark of authoritarianism is yelling LUNDY! at anyone questioning loyalism. The extremists are a minority. Buy the ultra-reactionary radical insurgency opposed to rationality, to political compromise, to participation in a parliamentary system, is a loud and vocal one. And unfortunately a lot of this sort of intimidation is meated out with the consent and collusion of political unionism. They repress the moderate and rally the fringe with hysterics, bombast and propaganda.

Loyalism can't and won't take criticism. Loyalism can't and won't learn from shortcomings and wrongdoings. Brian Feeney said in the Irish News, ''Liberal unionists' like Lo labelled Lundies':
"The unionist view of the world... it simply this: to deny the validity and sanctity of the Act of Union is automatically told hold a false, untenable position.
He continued:
"The fiercest unionist reaction is and always has been reserved for anyone perceived to be any class of unionist who utters a word in suspecy of any aspect of nationalism."
"For someone perceived or assumed to be unionist to utter words such as "united Ireland" is regarded as the most grievous sin. Unionism has special words like "Lundy" for anyone among them who steps away from the one true faith. The hysterical, irrational response to Anna Lo is a stark warning and reminder to any unionist of his or her fate were they to go 'to they other side'.
"Unionism endorsed... violence or the threat of violence initiated against anyone suspected of being a traitor or a Lundy."
 And the important bit:
"The threat of violence such as inflicted inflicted on the Alliance party since 2012 is sufficient warning to prevent any middle-class liberal unionists from becoming involving in politics."
He also said on Sunday Politics NI: 
"[Anna Lo is going to lose votes] because she comes across as a modern, rational woman."
Gusty Spence said:
"We in Northern Ireland are plagued with super-loyalists... If one does not agree with their bigoted and fascist views then one is a "taig-lover" or a "communist"."

Gusty spence said it:

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