August 28, 2013

Northern Ireland - A forever Groundhog Day

John Hewitt wrote of Northern Ireland in his 1970 poem, 'Conversations in Hungary':  
"Our friends in Budapest  
days later also, puzzled, queried why,  
when the time's vibrant with technology,  
Such violence should still be manifest.  
Between two factions, in religion's name.  
It is 300 years since, they declared,  
divergent sects put claim and 
counterclaim to arbitration of the torch  
and sword."

We can go back even further. A timeless observartion on the state of the Orange Order was made in 1925 by W.D. Allen MP, who wrote in an essay here:
"A remarkable feudal, patriarchal, tribal, historical anachronism in these days of moderation, toleration – whine, don't fight – enlightenment."
As James Joyce said, no longer is Ireland an "outcast from life's feast." When will the mindless swamp of backwardness end? Your country needs you - stop whining, fight back.


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