January 05, 2013

Digital Baby: thoughts on becoming a Dad

I'm always incredibly aware of how incredibly fortunate I am to be living in the age we're now in. Even though it's an age of economic stagnation it's also an age of revolution - an age of digital revolution. A digital communications revolution that means we really can really achieve whatever we put our minds to.

As I frequently say, these really are exciting times to be a young person, just not so much a traditional young person.

I'm also incredibly aware of how fortunate I am to be a soon-to-be father. As I write this blog my wonderful girlfriend Leanne is sitting beside me, prone on a hospital bed in the early stages of labour. And so it's only a matter of hours until I'm a fully fledged dad. Something I am greatly looking forward to. But it's also a status that I deeply and profoundly cherish and appreciate.

I cherish and appreciate it greatly as I know how blessed Leanne and I are. I am incredibly aware that many couples endure trial, heartache and great expense before conceiving. And then of course, and sadly, a great number of couples never conceive. They go on childless against their primal desire to raise a family. To my mind one of man and woman's greatest tragedies.

I am also incredibly aware of the age into which my baby, boy or girl, is coming. You've got to say that these have to be exciting times to be a baby - be they traditional or modern! As a digitally-minded guy I'm always tracking whats new and what's coming up. So naturally I'm forward looking and positive minded.

And so today I'm incredibly excited about my child's future. I know it could be amazing. I want to be part of it and I'm committed to making it the best it could be. I'm writing this on an iPad - wow! When I was born we didn't even have mobile phones or gameboys. But I love it, it really is great and I think it's wonderful that my child is coming into the age of the internet and digital communication.

I'm not saying this is a crass commercial or gimmicky way, but it's so cool to think that my baby can be a Digital Baby. In a few months he or she will be swiping and swooshing on this iPad and my iPhone. He or she will be a native speaker in the language and ways of digital. They will attain a level of fluency I could never hope to attain.

I will encourage them to code, learn, explore and express themselves online. But as a functional IT guy very much in touch with the ways of old I will fully encourage the old school offline pastimes. But a life wedded to the two media must hold some potential!

So that's my thoughts for today, an exciting day to say the least! I hope you have enjoyed my thoughts and reflections and I hope in the future that I my family and children can look back and laugh at this and how correct or mistaken I was.

To health, happiness and prosperity!

Brian John Spencer

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