February 11, 2016

#NorthernIreland2016 Interview Series - Danielle Cochrane

Danielle Cochrane is an artist and business women aged 26. She was born and educated in Banbridge, she now works in Belfast after graduating from Art College. She owns her own framing business, 'The Framing Table', which is based out of Studio Souk, 3 Castle Lane, near Corn Market. 
Brian John Spencer: "When did you first learn about the Easter Rising of 1916?" Danielle Cochrane: 
"Last year, when Brian John Spencer told me he was writing an illustrated pamphlet."
BJS: "Do the men, the act or the stated ideals in the proclamation mean anything to you?" DC:
"I still don't really know about it. Unless I were to look it up now."
BJS: "When did you first learn about the Battle of the Somme?" DC:
"History class in school - maybe 1st / 2nd year. I remember completing a whole project based around it."
BJS: "Does this act, the men and their determination to show their loyalty to Britain mean anything to you?" DC:
"Not really. I've never related to being British."
BJS: "As a Northern Irish person, is the 1916 Rising important to you and your sense of identity and sense of belonging on this island?" DC:
"Northern Irish - this is not making me want to research what happened."
BJS: "As a (British/Irish/Northern Irish*) person, is the Somme offensive important to you and your sense of identity and sense of belonging on this island?" DC:
"Northern Irish - no."

BJS: "Will you be commemorating or celebrating either of these two events in April and July of this year respectively?" DC:
BJS: "As a person on (or from) the island are you happy with the where we are now at in terms of culture, cosmopolitanism and broad-mindedness?" DC:
"Definitely not."
BJS: "What are your hopes for the future of this divided province and island?
That common sense will prevail." DC:
"That we can form a new identity and new traditions, focusing on events like Culture Night."
BJS: "Please share any further thoughts these questions may have stimulated." DC:
"How I wish I had learned about the easter rising."

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